Accelerating Digital Transformation

Customer Data Platform

Turning identity and behavioral data into revenue

Know your audience: deliver personalized experiences in real-time.


Segment audiences by interest, demographics, geographic, history and more.


Unified dashboards and report campaign performance and engagement insights.

Data Intelligence

Integrate all data sources in one consolidated ecosystem.

Consolidate data from cross-silo, cross-channel & multi-tactic marketing.

Why ONEcount?

Activate audiences across all touchpoints in real-time
The Identity & Behavior Approach

ONEcount's customer data platform (CDP) couples DMP capabilities. Track unique visitor interactions across all channels, convert anonymous visitors to known, identified users. Three years of user history is appended to their new "known" status—retroactively growing your audience. No other system can do that. Connect all marketing data and create behavior-rich user segments. Sync custom segments and improve campaign precision.

  • The ONEcount Difference

    • Unified dashboard reporting • Single sign-on, social log-in, identity resolution • Resource manager, gating and paymeters • Instant targeting —no waiting periods • Segmentation and persona engine with custom actions • IVT Mitigator —serve paid ads to real people • Drag-and-drop form builder

Success Stories

Medical, consumer & B2B publishers
Frontline Medical Communications
Frontline Medical Communications
As the industry’s largest medical communications company, Frontline turned to ONEcount to target banner ads in real-time at the physician level, list match against a unified audience database, provide consolidated advertiser and engagement reporting, implement global sign-on and content gating across 40+ websites and third-party platforms.
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
ONEcount was deployed as a single sign-on/ gating/ paywall solution across the publisher’s digital enterprise. All user accounts, including social log-ins, were captured in the platform and connected to a single user ID. Previously a user signing in via Google, Facebook, or on mobile and multiple web browsers were treated as four separate accounts, each with its own number of “free” page views.
Creative Age Publications
Creative Age Publications
Creative Age reaches nearly half a million health & beauty industry professionals with 8 magazines, content websites and more. ONEcount enables the publisher to dynamically create complex queries to target specific audience segments. Custom actions include banner targeting, pop-ups and e-mail messaging. The platform consolidates all reporting into a single unified dashboard.


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